Join the treasure hunt with the essential geocaching partner for iOS.

Cachly is a fully featured geocaching app for iPhone users. Building on the features of the Classic Geocaching App from Groundspeak that many users loved Cachly has grown into a simple yet powerful app. Its focus is on making basic cache information and navigation straightforward with easy to read screens and presentation of all the information you need to go caching.

Yet underlying this simplicity is a strong feature set that is growing all the while. A particular strength is offline caching with a one-time map download and quick download of caches you can be off out the door with offline caches saved within a few minutes of deciding to make the trip.

Other features include: showing the corrected coordinates of puzzles and multis so you can navigate to where the cache actually is rather than where the icon is, great for doing a puzzle series; showing a sad blue face for caches you have logged a DNF on, great for reminding you to revisit a nemesis cache; ticks on the map to show caches you have done but not yet logged, great for keeping track of what you’ve done in a day. The list goes on.

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