Alexander (ShammyLevva)
Vice Chair

Alexander (ShammyLevva) - Vice Chair

Alexander’s favourite types of caches are ones that engage your brain whether that be puzzle caches you solve at home, interesting multis or just caches with field puzzles.

He has been caching for just over a year but having found 2400 caches in that time, it’s fair to say he’s hooked. He enjoys getting out and about and has got considerably fitter and lost a significant amount of weight since starting caching.

Favourite Cache
GC6X9FR – Sound of the Bucks Burn
Bonus – Poles Apart
This is a bonus cache after a trail of 8 caches. An interesting trail and an excellent bonus with a series of fun things to work out at GZ.


Nemesis Cache
GC5BPV3 – Evil Roots
The CO of Evil Roots is our very own Mega Committee Chair. It’s a devilishly simple cache once you know what to look for and where it is but a really tricky find when searching. Alexander spent around 13 hours hunting over 9 visits and enjoyed the challenge of it despite its nemesis status. He’s on the lookout for a new Nemesis!