Julie (TeamBucki)

Julie (TeamBucki) - Chair

Julie’s favourite caches are puzzle containers. They infuriate her at the time, but as a very determined person, she gets there eventually and gets real satisfaction from doing so.

Julie has been caching since 2012, when her husband and kids took it up. She wasn’t an instant fan, but going with them to a cache that was a DNF, she soon realised she was hooked when she spent an hour looking because it must be there somewhere!

Favourite Cache
GC1XBBV – Hackley Hike
Not for the cache itself which is a standard lock n lock container, but for where it is placed.  It took Julie to what is now her favourite place in Aberdeenshire – a secluded beach 2 km from the nearest car park.


Nemesis Cache
GC6JW9Q – Treasure Chest
Despite having logged a find on this one courtesy of a visit with the CO, Julie has yet to physically open this container herself having spent many hours trying!