Hello and fit like?!

I’m Munro, the Aberdeenshire Mega Coo! Welcome to the website for the Aberdeenshire Mega 2019 where ye’ll find oot aboot the Mega – who is organising it, where to stay, things to do and lots more. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to casino online spielen now is the time to start playing and winning!

But first ye’ll want to ken aboot me and how I came to be here?

Well…it was early spring 2016 when I was idly munching away at a particularly tasty thistle up on BenMcMhui when a group of four humans stumbling through the heather caught my eye. It was blowin a hoolie (that is to say, it was very windy) yet here they were going roond and roond in circles with no apparent destination! It would help if they’d look where they were going, I thought, and stop looking at those wee black thingies in their hands.

Eventually one of the smaller ones gave a cry of delight and ducked down behind a rock. The others gathered round. What could it be?

Noo I’m the first tae admit I’m a curious coo so I ambled over tae take a look. I must have taken them by surprise because the lady one screamed and tumbled ontae her dowp (which is her bum). I was almost chased off by a very protective pair of yapping hounds but I stood my ground and asked “Fit are ye up tae?” and after they accepted I was a speaking coo, I heard all about Geocaching!

A few months later and I’m part of the committee! I’m helping them plan events around our castles, mountains, distilleries, the Royal Deeside Geotour and of course I’ll be helping spread the word!

I’m fair enjoying meeting all you Geocachers and look forward to meeting more of you over the next couple of years. You’ll easily spot me at events – I’ll hae on my kilt, my hoodie and my tartan bunnet on my head! Come give me a bosie (that’s Aberdonian for hug) and a high 5!