A geocaching Mega is an event where over 500 geocachers get together at a single event. There are many Mega events held every year all over the world and in the UK there is an annual UK Mega event that takes place in August each year and moves around the country. In 2017 the UK Mega will be in Devon, in 2018 it will be in Yorkshire and in 2019 it is coming to Aberdeenshire. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to spielcasino online spielen now is the time to start playing and winning!

The UK Mega event takes place over a whole week, in 2019 it will be the Monday 5th to the Sunday 11th August. There will be events and things to do every day of the week and the big Mega day itself is on Saturday the 10th August. Attending the Mega day and logging an attended at the Mega gets the geocacher a special Mega Event icon on their profile that you can only get by attending a Mega event.

We will have a campsite where cachers can take advantage of low cost accommodation and this will be the location for many of the events that will take place during the week. Cachers can also stay in hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area and still take part in the events although some say that a lot of the fun and camaraderie of the week takes place on the campsite. Come for the Mega day itself to earn your smiley or why not get into the spirit and come for the whole week.

During the week the Mega will host numerous events both on the campsite and around the county the event is taking place in. These events usually try to highlight the features of an area as well as providing evening entertainment for cachers at the campsite. In Aberdeenshire we will have some events based around mountain climbing, whisky tasting, highland games and a ceilidh on the Saturday evening.

The Mega day itself is typically designed as a family fun day style event with activities for cachers and non cachers alike, as well as various stalls, food & drink, games and competitions for adults and children. There will, of course, also be caches. In addition to regular cache types, Mega events each have 10 special Lab Caches you can find which will earn you a souvenir. These caches take a wide variety of formats and aim to be a bit out of the ordinary and fun to complete.

Usually the organisers plan to have a big attraction that is unique to that Mega, Aberdeenshire is no exception and we will be making an announcement in the coming months about our plans for a unique activity that has never been seen in the UK before.